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Energy Saving For Homes and Business Loft insulation
Without any or sufficient loft insulation a huge amount of heat can escape through the roof of your home, up to 26% in fact. In order to make your home more energy efficient, save on heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint, insulation can be fitted.
Loft insulation

What thickness of loft insulation is needed?

In order to prevent heat from escaping the roof you can install a mineral fibre wool blanket on top of and in between your loft joists. Based on current standards, a minimum thickness of 250mm (10 inches) is recommended for best results. Fitting loft and roof insulation is really simple and should only take around two hours in most homes.

Loft space often becomes a storage area for homeowners, so it is important to think about this before arranging a survey. Check that access to the loft is clear and that someone can survey all the areas within the loft. This will ensure that your home gets the most efficient loft and roof insulation as possible.

FREE Loft Insulation Scheme

To qualify for the FREE Loft Insulation scheme yourself or any member of your family has to be receiving at least one of the benefits detailed below:

Qualification for the FREE scheme is also available if you live in a lower deprived area (COSO), if your property is over 3 storeys or has a wall cavity of less then 50mm. Please contact us for further information.

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